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*Prices quoted are round-trip including all taxes and fees, and are based on availability. Availability in 2016: Edmonton: October 17 - December 14; Aberdeen, Glasgow, Helsinki, London and Manchester: November 14 - December 14; Amsterdam, Munich and Paris: October 29 - December 14; Brussels: October 16 - December 4 Toronto: October 18 - December 15; Aberdeen, Birmingham, Brussels, Glasgow, Hamburg, London, Manchester and Paris: November 1 - December 14. Book by June 30, 2016. Additional baggage and optional service fees may apply. Non-refundable fare. Minimum Saturday night stay. Maximum 30 days from arrival. Valid for travel any day of the week. Valid on Icelandair operated flights only. Changes before departure $275CAD plus any applicable fare difference. Changes after departure $275CAD plus any applicable fare difference. Fare downgrade not permitted.