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Great deals on flights to Barcelona, Spain. Visit us and book cheap flights to Barcelona.

Our flights to Barcelona in the summer season, offer you the opportunity to experience the vibrant athmosphere of one of Spain’s greatest cities.

Barcelona - a special look

Go to Barcelona and we can promise you that the proud Catalans of Northern Spain will make your stay unforgettable. Add to that the beauty of Barcelona itself where the parks, the museums and the architecture come together in perfect harmony. Blame it on, or thank, the world renowned architect Gaudi, who designed many of the city’s most spectacular buildings, among them the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia.

And if this is not enough, one of world soccer’s shrines is in Barcelona. Camp Neu the home of Barcelona FC, one of the greatest soccer clubs in the world.

When travelling one must taste the local cuisine; thus, when in Spain one must taste tapas! The word derives from the Spanish verb ‘tapar’ which means ‘to cover’; simply put, ‘a tapa’ placed on top of your wine glass ensured that no nasty flies or bugs fell into the glass and ruined your ‘vino’. If you haven’t tried Spanish tapas, there is no better time to put that right.

Deep salted cod anyone?

You are also likely to catch the aroma of a very special seafood, a Catalan cooked Bacalo, Spanish for deep salted cod. The bacalo is one of Spain’s national dishes and cooked in many ways, depending on where in Spain you are located.

This particular seafood has a certain extra appeal for Icelanders, as the cod used in the dishes is caught in the North Atlantic, in Icelandic waters, by Icelandic fishermen.

Good to know

  • Icelandair operates flights to Barcelone during the summer. Visit our timetable to check our flight schedule to Barcelona.
  • Our flights to Barcelona take you to El Parat International Airport located 7 miles south of the city center. A 15 minute taxi drive from the airport to the city center and a 90 minute drive to the sunny resort of Costa Brava.
  • For additional information about Barcelona, please visit:,