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Imagine a flight with Icelandair, to the city that has its feet planted in the sea, its head in the clouds and its heart in the right place.

Bergen likes being visited. And flights to Bergen are worthwhile: the Gateway to the Fjords always has something to offer - no matter what time of year. Icelandair’s cheap flights to Norway bring you to an international city full of history and tradition; a big city with small-town charm and atmosphere. Fjord Norway and the city of Bergen offer you the ideal vacation in Norway; a combination of nature, culture and interesting city life.

Bergen, a city to experience

What has made Bergen famous around the world is its charm and atmosphere. It really has to be experienced! Bergen is worth exploring. Strolling around the old streets and alleyways is an experience. Here, people have lived and worked for centuries. Small wooden houses lie higgledypiggledy, cobbled streets climb steeply, and a love of flowers is evident everywhere. Wander around the Fish Market and mingle with the locals as they go about their daily life. Stroll leisurely to the Aquarium to see the fish, penguins and seals. Walk the length of Bryggen to the old fortress of Bergenhus. Or drop in at one of the many museums and galleries. Travel to the top of Mount Fløyen (town center funicular), or Ulriken, or any of the seven mountains that surround the city and you will have Bergen and its fjord at your feet - and, you will have to agree, "It’s beautiful!"

Good to know

  • Direct flights to Bergen will begin on 18 May.
  • Icelandair flights to Bergen will land at Bergen Airport at Flesland, approximately 20 km south of Bergen.
  • Events: To find out what is on in Bergen:
  • Hungry? Lyststedet Bellevue and Bryggen Tracteursted are historical places in Bergen, Bölgen og Moi and Lucullus are extremely fine restaurants, Enhjörningen is a seafood restaurant and Potetkjelleren is a modern restaurant, located in an old potatoceller
  • Going shopping? Strandgaten is the main shopping street although there are also many great shops around the main square, Torgallmenningen. Also fun to visit are the shopping centres Galleriet, located near the Torgallmenningen, and Bergen Storsenter.