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In the province of Alberta Edmonton lies, a city that is known for two very different things – being the festival capital of Canada and the home to North America’s largest shopping mall.

A city of festivals

Few match Edmonton in festivities if the city’s event calendar is anything to go by. No matter whether you like cuisine, theatre, music, knowledge or anything else, be sure that Edmonton has the festival to match your interests.

Conserving time

The selection of events is, without a doubt, truly great. However, sometimes great minds need space to reload and rethink and a trip to Fort Edmonton Park is just the place for such a thing. Do a little time-travelling and visit simpler, calmer times and marvel at the atmosphere of Edmonton’s golden era, from 1846 – 1929.

But there is no doubting modern comforts

Sure, a little trip back in time is well worth the, well, time, but when travellers enter modernity again they will not need to fear boredom. For instance, Edmonton is home to North America’s largest shopping mall, the West Edmonton Mall. Yes, it is larger than Mall of America, WEM’s baby brother of sorts. WEM is home to about 800 shops and boutiques and various entertainment and recreation facilities are located there too. But, perhaps the silver lining of this otherwise magnificent meccha of retail is the fact that a lot of over 20,000 parking spaces lovingly hugs said mall, in celebration of the saint who must carry the excellent shopper and all the loot to and from the hunting grounds. Indeed, as we all know, behind a great shopper lies a truly great and patient driver.

Good to know

  • The Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is located about 30 km south of downtown Edmonton. Travelling from the airport and into the city takes about thirty minutes, and a shuttle also goes between the airport and the major hotels. Travellers can also rent a car or make use of various kinds of transportation services to get from Airport to Bed.
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