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Göteborg is just the right size for a weekend trip.

Göteborg - Just the right size.

Göteborg is just the right size for a weekend trip. Great shopping, concerts, sports events and excellent restaurants. A popular pastime in Göteborg is to “ta en fika” or going for a coffee “or something” at a good café. As a result, you will find small, cosy cafés all over town.

Parents will have plenty to do. The Liseberg Tivoli is one of the more popular destinations in Sweden. Don’t miss Universeum, a museum of natural sciences and technology. Rain forests, birds, fish, sharks and the most poisonous creature in the world. The Paddans are boats that provide guided tours around Göteborg’s canals, a fantastic way of getting to know the city.

The sea or nearby lakes are never far away - hop on a tram and after a short trip you’ll be there. The archipelago is unique - loads of cliffs to dive from or beaches to enjoy.

Göteborg is Sweden’s second city and has its own culture and dialect. The city’s location means that it has mild weather throughout the year. The summers are sunny and wonderful, with temperatures usually around 20-25°C.

Good to know

  • Direct flights to Göteborg will begin on 17 May.
  • Icelandair flights to Göteborg will land at the Göteborg-Landvetter Airport, approximately 25 km from the city.
  • Buses run between the airport and the city centre every 20 minutes.
  • Information about our schedule to Göteborg.
  • Going shopping? The city centre (Citykärnan) is an excellent place to start. If you enjoy short walks or tram rides, the Järntorget, Linnéstaden, Haga, Vasastaden and Avenyn are good places to shop in Göteborg.
  • The Göteborg Pass provides you with free access to amusement parks, discounts in shops and restaurants, as well as free bus and boat rides.