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Greenland probably brings to mind the old adage, “Iceland is green, and Greenland is ice,” but Greenland is more than just that; fjords and mountains dominate the landscape, and Greenland’s culture is rich with Inuit Eskimo tradition. Icelandair offers convenient flights to Greenland for seasonal trips to this exotic locale.


With a population of 68,400, nearly all Greenlanders live in a mild climate along the vast fjords in the southwest of the main island. With its airport located in Kulusuk, Greenland is a mere stone’s throw from Iceland, making your journey an easy day trip.

There are a myriad of ways to take in water-locked Greenland. Visitors may travel by jeep or helicopter and sample majestic views of ice floes floating in the Ilulissat ice fjord or the stunning views of the Greenland Ice Cap.


An up-and-coming destination, Greenland hosts contests in dogsled racing, ice fishing, cross country racing and even kayaking to satiate the most adventurous to the more mild taste for adventure. Take a wildlife safari in the world’s largest national park, Northeast Greenland National Park, where you’ll see whales and musk oxen. Or enjoy the enveloping silence under the Aurora Borealis on an iceberg and glaciers tour.

The popular hobby of soccer is the national sport of Greenland, but you will find more unique and diverse customs in Greenland’s people; whether it be their traditional dress, sun festivals or inspired music. Examples can be found in the Greenland National Museum and Archives, established in the mid-1960s and containing Inuit archaeology, history, art and crafts in its extensive collection.

Enjoying Greenlandic cuisine is an experience both traditional and contemporary. Greenlanders take pride in meals being a central part of their social environment and take pleasure in sharing this hospitality with visitors. Generally consisting of a diet high in protein, fare incorporates free-range seafood, game and fish and using the freshest ingredients available.

There is always something refreshingly new to discover – whether geographically or culturally – in Greenland.