The following baggage fees apply only when traveling on Icelandair flights. Other rules may apply if your travel includes more than one airline. Please check with the operating carrier for more information on their baggage rules.

If you wish to carry more than the checked baggage allowance you may purchase extra or heavy bags in addition to your baggage allowance on your ticket. You can purchase bag at check-in, via the Icelandair Service Center and online. Prices below apply at check-in and 10% discount is offered at Icelandair Service Center and 20% discount on the Icelandair website. By purchasing extra bag you also accept our terms and conditions. You can purchase extra bag via the Icelandair website if your booking is made via Icelandair Service Center and the Icelandair website.



Flights within EUROPE


Flights between ICELAND

and the USA/CANADA


Flights between


Extra bag
Bag weighing 1-23kg (1lb-50lbs)
74 CAD 168 CAD 192 CAD
Heavy bag**
Surcharge for any bag
heavier than 23kg (50lbs)
63 CAD 158 CAD 178 CAD

* Extra and heavy bags are charged per flight leg when travelling with a Stopover in Iceland
** The maximum weight per bag is 32kg (70lbs). If you have baggage which is over this limit or exceeds the baggage allowance, Icelandair Cargo may be the answer you are looking for. Please contact Icelandair Cargo for details.

  • Fees will be assessed for every category that applies. If you for instance have an extra bag which is heavier than 23 kg (50lbs), both the extra bag fee and the heavy bag fee will apply.
  • The EUR charge shall apply to any other flights from Europe, converted to the local currency where applicable.