On March 25th 2001, Iceland became a participant in the Schengen co-operation, along with fourteen other European States. The Schengen co-operation currently has 26 members. All EU states are members, except the UK, Ireland, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. EEA members Iceland and Norway are also members of Schengen, along with Switzerland.

Objectives of the Schengen co-operation

  • To secure free movement of individuals over the borders of the participant States.
  • To strengthen the fight against international crime by enhancing police co-operation between the participant States.

How does Schengen affect passengers travelling to/through Iceland?

Passengers, who are traveling within the Schengen area, will be separated from those travelling to or from a non-Schengen State.

  • There will be no personal border control for passengers travelling between Schengen States.
  • Passengers travelling to Iceland from a non-Schengen State, or through Iceland to a Schengen State:
    • Citizens of Member States of the European Union and citizens of Iceland and Norway are subject to personal border control upon arrival in Iceland (identity and travel document check). Please have your passport or other valid travel document ready upon arrival to the border control area of the terminal.
    • Citizens of other States are subject to personal border control upon arrival in Iceland (identity check, travel documents, including visa or residence permit if needed, return ticket, means of subsistence and reason for travelling). Please have your relevant documentation ready upon arrival to the border control area of the terminal.
  • Passengers in transit/transfers to the United Kingdom or Ireland from a non-Schengen State will not be subject to personal border control in Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal. The UK and Ireland are not full participants in the Schengen co-operation and thus border control will take place upon arrival in the States. If a passenger decides to leave the designated Non-Schengen area in Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal to enter the Schengen area, border control checks will apply.

A specific area has been allocated for these passengers on the ground floor of the terminal, providing service and shopping facilities. Passengers are kindly asked not to present themselves at the border control area if they are travelling to/from Non-Schengen states.

Passengers travelling to the UK and Ireland from Iceland will be subject to exit control if they leave the designated Non-Schengen area of the terminal.

Standardized visa will replace existing arrangement.

The standardized Schengen visa will be valid for travelling to all the Schengen States. Thus, a special visa for visiting Iceland will not be necessary.

Icelandic embassies no longer issue visas. On the occasions when Iceland is the main destination, it is possible to apply for visa in the embassies of other Schengen States, in over 100 places in the world, which issue visas on behalf of Iceland.

Schengen does not change the rules concerning custom control on the borders of the Schengen area! Individuals travelling to Iceland from a Schengen country must follow the same rules as before concerning the importation of dutiable articles and undergo conventional customs control when entering the country. Local duty laws apply in each destination.

To apply for a Schengen Visa, please visit www.eurovisa.info